Person of the Year/Welcome to Hell

TIME magazine announced today that the 2017 person of the year is the Silence Breakers (in a visual nod to New York magazine's July 2015 cover story on Bill Cosby's accusers), folks who have spoken about personal experiences ranging workplace harassment to sexual assault. The ground is shifting beneath us, we've opened up to talk about these issues in a way we hadn't before. For some, there is a moment of reckoning. Others are finding their voices, and the ability to speak up. 

One of the more powerful elements of this change is ability for those who haven't experienced harassment or assault to begin to empathize with those who have. Empathy will be the cornerstone of change, and I hope we'll continue to see stories that allow one another to relate to different lived experiences. Here's one, in case you missed it from the December 2 episode of Saturday Night Live.