#MeToo Roundup - The Customer Is Always....?

There are some innovative approaches to dealing with customers who are the harassers in the workplace, whether in a workplace policy solution, or an ordinance to protect workers, which I've included below.  Don't miss the powerful video.

Hands Off Pants On. Workers in customer service roles face unique challenges when it comes to workplace harassment. Chicago hospitality workers' union UNITE HERE Local 1 produced an excellent video as part of the Hands Off Pants On campaign about the experience of workers (Watch the video here, and the report on sexual harassment in the Chicago hospitality industry).  As part of the campaign the Chicago City Council passed an ordinance providing protections to workers.

How to curb harassment when the harasser is your customer? While this isn't a new piece, I want to make sure you didn't miss it.  Erin Wade, the founder and chef of Home Room, a California restaurant, along with her employees, devised an elegant, empowering, and successful approach to reducing harassment in the restaurant.  Read her story here.