#MeToo Roundup

A few recent news items, a first person narrative, one fantastic grant opportunity, and a community resource for workers in the Washington DC area: 

What Most People Get Wrong About Men and Women, Harvard Business Review. "[M]en’s and women’s desires and challenges about work/family balance are remarkably similar. It is what they experience at work once they become parents that puts them in very different places."

In The Wake of His Damage, The Rumpus.  A first person narrative by Shreerekha. "It feels like the right time to share how the rest of us are doing, the rest who never desired to be part of this bursting-at-the-seams club of hurt souls, united most probably in the one fact that gives us admission to this premier league, identifying as proud and defiant women of color.."

45 Stories of Sex and Consent on Campus, New York Times. "...[N]avigating this gray zone: what [college students] anticipated, how they negotiated consent and processed the aftermath, and what advice they would give their younger selves." 

10 Amazing Pieces of Advice to Elevate Women in the Workplace, Catalyst. "Don’t assume that good work always speaks for itself. Sometimes you’ve got to point out your good work for it to get the praise it deserves."

A New Standard Work Contract Aims to Protect Freelancers from Sexual Harassment, Quartz.     "[T]wo businesses that aim to standardize contracts for freelance work, Fiverr and AND CO, are. . .creating what they call 'the first standardized freelance contract with built-in sexual harassment protections'.”

The Gender Pay Gap: Trying to Narrow It, New York Times. Now that they're required to report pay differentials, how businesses in Britain are closing the gender pay gap.

A #Metoo-Related Grant Funding Opportunity: 

TimesUp Legal Defense Fund is offering grants of up to $50,000 to nonprofits to support survivors of workplace sexual harassment.  Details and the grant application can be found here.

Resources for Individuals in The DC-Area Experiencing Workplace Harassment:

Local non-profit First Shift will begin to provide legal services to help women address workplace sexual harassment starting on Tuesday, May 22nd. More details can be found here.