Mariana Strategies Will Help You Meet the 2018 New York Anti-Harassment Requirements (and spark culture change) 


August 27:  See details on New York's newly released draft policy, complaint form, training materials and FAQ.

Earlier this year, both New York City and State passed new laws aiming to curb sexual harassment in the workplace through a variety of measures, including requirements for many businesses to adopt policies and procedures on workplace harassment and train their staff on how to prevent sexual harassment.  You can learn more about the New York City and State laws here.

What You Receive with Mariana Strategies New York Training and Support Packages

All Mariana Strategies trainings are interactive, conversational, and innovative and conducted in person by an employment law attorney and are designed to meet the requirements of New York City and New York State’s new harassment prevention laws.

 At the end of every engagement, your staff will have:

  • Knowledge of what behavior is unacceptable in the workplace, on all protected categories, not just sexual harassment;  

  • Shared understanding of respectful workplace behaviors;

  • What to do if you experience harassment in the workplace;

  • How to speak up as an engaged bystander;

  • Their questions about harassment answered by an employment law professional and more.

Your managers and supervisors will have:

  • All of the above, and;

  • How to respond when someone reports harassment to you;

  • What your obligations are as a manager/supervisor;

  • Skills building techniques to respond to harassment swiftly, and with empathy;

  • How to cultivate a culture of respect;

  • How to deliver feedback about inappropriate behavior early on;

  • What to say and what not to say when someone reports harassment and more.

Your business will have:

  • Updated policies in line with new requirements, tailored to your business;

  • Procedures that help staff report harassment early;

  • Procedures that facilitate prompt investigation and resolution;

  • Advice on promoting accountability for reporting, investigating and resolving harassment complaints;

  • Strategies to communicate leadership commitment and more.

Why you should choose Mariana Strategies:

  • Because our workshops are in-person, not online, and delivered by an employment law expert who can answer questions about your policy, your procedures, and harassment in general;

  • Because our workshops focus on the skills and behaviors that affect workplace harassment, not just a check the box response to a new requirement; and

  • Because our workshops meet and exceed the new legal requirements, address all protected categories (not just sexual/gender-based harassment), and incorporate EEOC-recommended bystander intervention and civility training.

For businesses that want to use this opportunity to build a stronger workplace culture and make sure they address not just sexual harassment, but all forms of workplace harassment, Mariana Strategies can help you do just that.

Pricing for services is dependent on the number of workshops required and the complexity of issues faced by the specific organization.  Please contact Mariana Strategies to request a fee schedule and proposal based on your individual needs.  In most instances, a proposal can be sent the same day.