Our Custom Packages

Mariana Strategies offers a menu of à la carte services that can be mixed and matched to meet your organization’s needs when our 360 Program is not right for you. Perhaps your policies and procedures are outdated and needs a refresher, or you’d like to offer individualized harassment training for your leadership team. Whatever your needs, we will support you to ensure your organization is compliant, inclusive and safe.

Services include:

  • Organizational Assessment: Identify risk factors associated with harassment and exploration of ideas to minimize risk.

  • Surveys: Facilitate climate surveys to assess the extent to which harassment is a problem in the organization. 

  • Staff Training and Workshops: Our workshops include civility training and bystander intervention for universal compliance. They are tailored to you workplace and for your workforce, delivered in person, and offered on a repeated basis.

  • Manager Training: Enhanced programs to train middle management and first-line supervisors on how to respond effectively to harassment, based on the organization's own procedures and guidelines.

  • Policies and Procedures: Review of existing anti-harassment policies and procedures, as well as the creation of these policies and procedures if they do not yet exist, or require revision.

  • Executive Coaching:  One-on-one training sessions on harassment and inclusion that include a pre- and post- assessment, review of case studies, workshops and advice. 

  • Ongoing Advice and Support: Review effectiveness of policies and procedures after implementation to ensure that the policies accomplish their goals and advance organizational mission. 

Is there something else that your organization needs? Tell us what you have in mind and we can work together to create a custom solution. Schedule a consultation to discuss how we can help.